Vinod kambli on unlike tweet:

Former Indian batsman Vinod Kambli apologies to ‘Extraaa innings’ Gaurav kapoor, Former cricketers Navjot Singh Sidhu and Shoaib Akhtar for the unlike tweet from his twitter account.

Vinod kambli tweeted on yesterday(Wednesday) morning, “Morning friends, the tweets were not from me I apologize on behalf of my friend who had my phone tweeting. I fired him sorry to all.” Review and all

The tweet was comes from Vinod kambli’s official twitter account kambli@vinodkambli349 on Tuesday. He delete the comment and blamed his friend for that action. Kambli explain further that his friend is Mumbai Indians fan he frustrated with MI’s poor performance. More news and reviews

“My friend pls I request you that my friend did last night was wrong. He is a big MI supporter. He doesn’t like losing. I am sorry again”- he tweets one hour later after the first tweet. 

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