The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma – Book Review

When a man choose to be well-being over a being well-off, When a man choose fruits over cheese burger, When a man decides to trade off his Ferrari for Wisdom, when a man decides to live his life to fullest, When a man perceives the meaning of his existance !!!

The Monk Who sold His Ferrari Book Review,

The Monk who sold his Ferrari  was published on 1997 in English. This international best seller translated over 42 languages and sold millions of copies !!!

The captivating story that teaches as it delights”- Paulo Coelho – Author, The Alchemist

About Author,

Robin Sharma is one of the top most leadership experts. He is a canadian writer, motivational speaker,  published various books on motivation with a much sprituality to offer. He has written 12 books so far, 5 AM club was his recent work published in 2018.

Robin Sharma

The Monk who sold his Ferrari Plot,

Julian Mantle, famous attorney suffered with a heart attack result of a out-of-balance life style he had. He decides to quit the law firm he had worked for that came as shock for John, his disciple (Who mostly the first person story teller). After succumbed to the mortality Julian Mantle decides to reinvent himself, taking an odyssey to the far spritual land, the Himalayas.

Some years later John had as strange encounter with strange man. It was Julian Mantle, unrecognizable, young and healthy. Julian Mantle narrates the story of his transformation, the Virtues he had learned and the wisdom he had attained. And he wants John to pass all this virtues to other people.

In his early days of travel julian finds it really hard but with the determination he met the Sages of High Himalayas. He found the remote village of Sivana where the Sages lives happily without any material world troubles. With the help Yogi Raman he changed every habit that he had before. The entire book was a coversation between Julian and John, The Mundane John questions and enlightened Julian Mantle answers.

Glimpse of The Monk who sold his Ferrari

“Don't tell me that you don't have the time."

"But I don't," I said honestly. "My practice is really booming. I don't have ten minutes to myself, let alone a full hour, Julian."

"As I told you, saying that you do not have the time to improve yourself, whether this means improving your mind or nourishing your spirit, is much like saying you do not have time to stop for gas because you are too busy driving. Eventually it will catch up with you."

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Why you should read,

  • It was really a simple read, you don’t have to run to dictionary often,
  • The short fantasy stories this book offers in the middle were exciting not only for adults, it can be read to children,
  • This is a self-help, motivatonal genre yet the style of writing was less preachy and engaging with practical ideas.

Quotes from The Monk ,

“The Purpose of life is a life of Purpose”  

“Never be a prisoner of your past, become the architect of your future”

It is one must understand the life and purpose of living when you have everything and ready to face the situation. One who loves the life will love The monk who sold his Ferrari.

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