The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – Book Review

The Alchemist , Widely known and international best selling novel is all about a shepherd boy who cross the continent, endanger his life for the quest of his mysterious dream.

Author : Paulo Coelho

Language : Portuguese

Available in English and translated into 80+ lanuguages !!!

Publised Year : 1988

Santiago, a shepherd boy who wants to travel the world become a shepherd despite his parents wants him to be a priest. In his dreams he saw a child, who transport him to the Egyptia pyramid and said here you can find a  hidden treasure if you come here.

He was perplexed with the dream beacause he never been to that far away land. One day he met a stranger who introduce himself as king of Salem and speak of the strange dream that the boy had. Santiago was surprised by the old man and in the end he decided to start the venture.

In the new land he was robbed of everything he had. For survival he do odd jobs and make enough money to a buy a flock. With money in hand he decide to resume his venture in to the desert. And there he meet the Alchemist who believed to be an immortal and turn anything into gold.

In the desert he learn the language of omens. He also find his love for Fathima,women of the desert. With help of the alchemy,after those all the troubles he endure in the venture he finally came closer to the treasure that he believed to be exists all these days.

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Did he find the hidden treasure or he didn’t….I dare a say that one final twist is enough to make the readers excited and become content.

What works…

The book contain simple words and even a beginner can read with 2 sits,

Its an exciting tale with lot of mystical elements,

It’s a very thin book and an easy read contains about 163 pages,

 it is suitable for all age groups.

And What not…

People who expects very realistic literature might not liked it,

It’s drift into religious at some part that might not go well with some readers.  

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Quotes from the Book..

“Wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find the treasure”

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