Nobel Prize – The Brief History

Considered as the most prestigeous award in the world The Noble Prize will be announced from today. The ceremony will be held in Oslo, Norway. The Swedish and Norwegian acadamy will present the awards on six categories as follows, Medicine or Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics. Iniatally it was given on five categories except Economics, this category added from 1969 and funded by The Sveriges Riksbank.

The first award was given in 1901, as of 2018 there were 590 prizes awarded to 935 laureats.

Alfred Nobel

Nobel awards was given in the memory of Alfred Nobel, the swedish engineer and chemist. He was born on october 21st 1833 in Sweden. He had 355 inventions for his name and invention of Dynamite was gain him much popularity. He had soon become wealthier.

Alfred Nobel (1833 – 1896)

Most of the Nobel’s inventions were used in war and destruction purposes. He was called The merchant of death on those days. One day on 1988 he had read his own obituary in french newspaper titled The merchant of death is dead. It was a mistake because it was Alfred’s brother Ludvig Nobel who had really died. But this cause many troubles to Alfred and he had afraid that in the future he is going to be remembered for all wrong reasons.

Alfred Nobel died at 1896 and had written wills during his lifetime. However in his last will Nobel he mentioned that all his fortunes should be awarded in several categories for those who worked on benefit of mankind. Ragnar Sohlman and Rudolf Lilljequist who was responsible for Nobel’s will and found Nobel foundation to distribute awards.

Nominations and Selections

The Nobel committe received atleast 3000 individuals who are having great experiences on their relative fields. Previous Nobel recipients also make nominations, however the foundations never disclose who were they and only after the 50 years from the prize distribution it can be disclosed.

The Nobel committe will have inquiries and takes expert advices from the relevant field before finalising the winner. The committe will vote on the nominees and based on the majority of vote the winnner will be selected. The decision cannot be appealed and the winner would be announced as soon as the vote get completed. Maximum three laureats can be selected from each field except for the peace award which can be given to organizations too.

Award money and Medals

The Nobel award consists of a Medal, a Diploma and a huge prize money. The gold medal will be 24 carat gold and weigh 175 grams each. The medal inscribed with latin words “Pro pace et fraternitate gentium” which means “For the Peace and Brotherhood of men”. All the Nobel laureates will receive a diploma in that they have picture and text of why are they receiving this honor. Usually The King of Sweden will present the diploma or chariman of Norwegian Nobel committe.

The laureats receive huge sum of money. The prize money will be equally shared if more than one person happen to receive the honor. Now the prize money is 8 million SEK (about $1.1 million).

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