Is that Compound Wall or Untouchable wall?

On 3rd December 2019, a early morning, a place located in Coimbatore District called Mettupalayam, was an accident that a compound wall felt because of heavy rain that took place.

Pics from compound wall tragedy

It caused a death of 17 people who lost their life in the sleep, soon the political parties involved in the tragedy and claims that the compound wall built to avoid the people staying there as they are lower caste people and make a term “Untouchable wall”.

The protest were done at the Government Hospital, Mettupalayam that led by so many opposition parties and to mention that mainly carried by Mr. Nagai Thiruvalluvan, leader of the party called”Tamizh Puligal”, whom arrested by the police later. He demands an amount of 25 lakhs per person and a Government job to a member in the family of victims.

He demands to arrest the house owner of the compound wall, who is a Textile shop owner in the same town and says “the owner is caste minded and built the wall to prevent the people”

Owner of compound wall sivasubramaniyan

But the local says that the wall felt because of the heavy down fall and it is just a compound wall and nothing more than that and they are saying that the people need more relief fund than the government promised to give.

Earlier, government of tamilnadu announced the relief fund of 4 lakhs per person, soon the increased the amount to 10 lakhs and a government job to a person basis on eligibility.

The question raised is, Clearly it was an accident because of nature and why the people from particular parties given a color of caste?

They made the compound wall to the Untouchable wall.

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