Halloween day -The History and Traditions

Just imagine what if the Deads, ghosts, zombies, vampires, monsters and all the worst nightmares  walk on the street to celebrate the day. The spooky festivel of halloween is on its way to haunt the streets. Every year October 31st celebrate to honor the daead. People dressed and disguised them as various horror characters  go to door to door to ask candys and watch horror movies on the holiday. The day before evening called as hollow Eve and the next day as Halloween.

History and Origins,

Halloween originated 2000 years back in Europe, especially the current part of Ireland, England and France.  The people called Celts lived 2000 years ago celebrated the festival of Samhain* and the year on November 1st. This is the day the summer ends and a cold winter begin to fall.

*Samhain – Pronounced as Sow-in.

Every winter accounts lot of deaths and the people belived that day, the veil between the world of living and death falling away and the Deads and ghost enter into the living world. The Druids build large fired and sacrifice animals to evil sprits to make them happy and protect the living.

Later in 19th century when lot of immigrants migrated into the America, especially the Irish because of Irish potato famine, spread the halloween into the new land.

All Saints Day

When the Christianity spread into the Celtic lands, they thought this was devil worshipping because Samhain celebrations were associated with death. To honor the Christian martyrs, western church oberserved all saints day on May 13, 609 A.D., and later they changed the day to november 1 from May 13. They successfully replace Celtic days as All Saints day.


This tradition mostly involves with children, they go door to door to ask for cookies and candys. But during in the medivel on the all souls day people used to beg and they given by sacred cookies and return they would pray for the people who passed away. They would go door to door sing songs, recite poems and make jokes and collect money from them.

In early days Trick-or-Treating consists with harmless pranks on neighours, the pranksters wore masks so they wouldn’t be recognized. But in the 1930’s it became vandalism and hooliganism and became danger for the neighbourhood. To stop this the leaders decide to make it as a child center thing, the young ones go door to door to ask for candys instead of doing nasty pranks.


Another customery thing in the Halloween are The Jack-O’-Lantern, horrorly carved pumpkins. This was originated in 17th century meaning the man of a lantern. Jack was a night watchman of the town, when Jack died he was denied entry into the heaven and hell. He only had a turnip field to wander, people used to carve turnips and place it in their windows to scare Jack.

When the migration happen the Irish people found lots of Pumpkin in America and makes them as a substitute for the Turnips.

After all these Halloween has changed into a different thing from its origin. But this day people have a lot to celebrate and come together shows their creativity and make this as happy holiday for themselves and others.   

Source : History, National Geographic, Mythology and Fiction.

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