Avengers End Game – Why it is a Masterpiece !!!

It has been months after the release of Avengers End Game people are still emotionally connected with that masterpiece.  Since its release in April 26,2019 it has broke every record including highest grossing movie of all the time beating James Cameron’s Avatar and the classic Titanic.

James Cameron took the  twitter space to congatulate the Avengers and the Marvel studios. Apart from all the records it has shattered this movie was a masterpiece in many ways it has carried that 182 minuites.

Rewriting Time travel movie concepts…

There was many movies based on time travels In which one way or another they’ve tried to change the past to result a changed future and we convinced with that theory (May not scientifically but atleast in movies we do). But in Avengers they completely dismissed that theory and made a new one, as Hulk says “Time doesn’t work that way, change in a past doesn’t change the futute!!, If you travel to the past that past becomes your future” and Ant man gave a voice to all of our thoughts  “is back to the future was a bunch of a bullshit!!!”

It is not going easy for movies in future to deal the same old time travel concepts after the End game left a new theory in that genre.

Driven Emotionally …

Not all super heroes have to fight all the time showing their power,flying around, doing all the impossible things. There were enough movies to showcase all their powers and  fans witnessed everyone of them. So basically it needs more than prowess to show in the End Game. Thanos had been killed in just the 19th  miniute of the movie with no fight he has to offer, and the final war begins at 130th miniute. Except the final war sequence the entire movie mostly driven emotionally. Stark,Natasha sacrifices their lives and love you 3000 were still echoing.

Avengers assemble…

Avengers series was never been a one man show,it always been a team show. There may be number of heroes with lot of prowess Marvel always have a place for all of them. It was a surprise when Rogers lift Mjolnir even though there was a hint in the Age of ultron. When the Avengers assembled they made sure everyone in the MCU had given a fair share if contribuion in the big screen.

Final thoughts…

Avengers End game may be the personal favourite for many because of their heros come together to entertain them.  But apart from that it has lot of things to talk about not all superhero movies are having well written screen presence, deliver emotions, in every case End game was Masterpiece and it will be.  

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